65+ Feet, 4.4 Tons: Mexican Town Crafts World's Largest Teddy Bear

May 1, 2019


This is the recently recognized Guinness World Record holder for largest teddy bear. The 65+ foot stuffed bear weighs over 4.4 tons and was constructed in a soccer stadium in the Mexican town of Xonacatlan to help boost tourism to the area. The bear took over three months to stitch together and beats the previous record-holding 55-foot bear crafted by Dana Warren of Kansas in 2008. Today must be a hard day for her. If you know her, maybe send her a message to let her know you're thinking of her, and that she should have made her bear much, much larger. That was her bad.

Keep going for a drone flyover while I daydream I just won this bear out of a claw machine.

Thanks to Irina A, who, just like every single one of us, has always dreamed of having a room filled with nothing but pillows.

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