World's Largest Plane Has First Successful Test Flight

April 15, 2019

The Stratolaunch, the world's largest plane by wingspan (385-feet -- 25 feet longer than a football field, including end zones) and the largest all-composite aircraft ever built, just had its first successful test flight, taking off from the Mojave Air & Space Port and cruising around for two and a half hours before touching back down. The Stratolaunch was designed to carry a rocket payload between its dual fuselages and serve as a mobile launch platform for blasting those things off into space. God willing, they'll let me tie myself to a wing wearing a jetpack for a modest fee.

Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, founded by Paul G. Allen, today successfully completed the first flight of the world's largest all-composite aircraft, the Stratolaunch. With a dual fuselage design and wingspan greater than the length of an American football field, the Stratolaunch aircraft took flight at 0658 PDT from the Mojave Air & Space Port...The Stratolaunch aircraft is a mobile launch platform that will enable airline-style access to space that is convenient, affordable and routine. The reinforced center wing can support multiple launch vehicles, weighing up to a total of 500,000 pounds.

Man, I was really hoping affordable space flight would be a reality before I'm too dead to get to enjoy it, but I'm not convinced I'm going to make it. Don't get me wrong -- this is certainly a step in the right direction, but you should see the way my doctor just sadly shakes his head whenever I'm in for a checkup.

Keep going for two videos, a shorter one and a longer one.

Thanks to Christina D, Rob and hairless, who agrees they should have done a barrel roll.

  • Jenness

    They can build this but they still can't build a seat that doesn't make my entire lower back want to seize up and my legs cramp. Seriously - air flight sucks until you have $10k to spend on a flight.

  • im1dermike

    Pacific Rim 3

  • Deksam

    In the official manual it says: At no time should the left pilot bank left while the other banks right, or vice-versa.

  • Qthedude16

    to show you the power of Flex tape, I taped two planes together

  • Faith

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  • The_Wretched

    But why?

  • Bling Nye

    "The Stratolaunch was designed to carry a rocket payload between its dual fuselages and serve as a mobile launch platform for blasting those things off into space."

    tl;dr - orbital insertion.

  • Ollie Williams

    Heh, insertion.

  • Bling Nye

    They'll use this for Amazon deliveries when yo mama orders her new undies.

  • Deksam


  • Eric Ord


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