What The Hell, Donald?: A Duck Laying On Its Back At The Zoo

April 4, 2019


These are two videos of a duck who's clearly forgotten how to duck just chilling on its back at a zoo. It is okay though, right? Like he's just weird and not sick or anything I hope. Do we have a duck expert here that can chime in and put my worries to rest so I can sleep tonight? Sleep is already hard enough to find without having to stress about sick ducks. "Nightmares, GW?" I wish, my girlfriend's twitchy leg is back. I'm always like two seconds from falling asleep and BAM! -- I'm on the floor with the glass of water from my nightstand.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees somebody should put a little TV remote and bowl of popcorn on its belly to complete the look.

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