What Is Wrong With You?: Man Takes Selfies Hanging Out Car Door At 50MPH

April 24, 2019


This is a video of some not-too-distant future Darwin Award recipient hanging out the passenger door of a Volkswagen Golf to take selfies while traveling around 79km/h (~49MPH). What a jerk. I mean I don't mind if you hurt yourself making poor decisions, but what about other drivers? How are they supposed to feel when they run over your body rolling around in the road? Ridiculous. Now if you'll excuse me....hello, INTERPOL? License plate number 0833 JRN -- the Youtube uploader said it occurred near Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Can you go find this man? I mean there's a very good chance he might already be dead, but if not I need you to contact Travelocity and get the deposit back for my cruise to the Canary Islands, because I'm not vacationing anywhere near this man. What? No, of course I didn't purchase the stupid insurance -- listen are you gonna help me or not?

Keep going for the video while I negotiate with the mole people to be able to use their network of tunnels for safe travel.

Thanks to Matthew E, who agrees the driver should not have tolerated that.

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