Video About A Couple Who Live Their Lives 19th Century Victorian Era Style

April 1, 2019

Not content with just the occasional cosplaying, this is a video from the New York Post highlighting the lives of Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman of Port Townsend, Washington, who have decided to live as 19th century Victorian era style as possible. Hey, just like I say all the time -- different strokes for different folks. Admittedly they do seem pretty happy. Personally, I try to live my life as 24th century as possible and, honestly, I'm pretty miserable most of the time. *banging homemade spaceship engine with wrench, sobbing* Work you piece of shit, please! I just wanna go home.

Keep going for the video while I miss the optimism of the 19th century.

Thanks to carey, who agrees the 6th century is really where it's at.

  • Dani

    I think that it is great for them to do something like that since they love it so much, but the arguments they make for it are retarded. Wood stove is so much easier to control than an electric stove? WTF? Electric stove: switch a button to desired temperature, heats instantly to a constant temp. Wood stove: go chop some wood, stick it in the stove, light it up, wait 10 minutes until it burns and heats up the stove too much...there's no magic in a electric kitchen mixer, we know how electric motors work. These people are seriously technically challenged. She even has the 19th century teeth.

  • pinormous

    Huh. I wish I had the money to live such an indulgent life. Good for them! I'm curious as to the level of dedication they have; I wouldn't fault them for cheating with a fridge and HVAC, at least.

  • Thog

    As long as they're not having sex with kids or hurting anyone... they can do whatever the fuuuuuuuuuck they want in my church

  • tyr2180

    weird, sure, but utterly harmless. Although their homeowner/fire insurance premiums should be about 5x their neighbors...

  • Darrick Hays

    Why is no one commenting on her face? Why is her face so red?!

  • Ken

    Rosacea. Modern deramtolog..... Right, nevermind.

  • Jimmy Bills

    The definition of white people with too much money

  • Deksam

    This reminds me of how AOC's New Green Death would try to make everyone live in the USA for a hot "Deal" of only 93 Trillion. Bahahaahah! libbs like her make Trump look awesome! Gord bless her mind of a child.

  • Wild Man of Wongo

    When people ask about the orange ring around your mouth, do you tell them you just ate a whole bag of Cheetos?

  • Deksam

    You sound rather homophobic and a bit prejudice of skin color there, you might want to check your privilege...

  • Wild Man of Wongo

    No, I just hate cultists and toadies.

  • Deksam

    Thankfully absolutely everyone in the senate voted no...
    Yes, her liberal "deal" was just that absurd and dumb.

  • Douchy McDouche

    When being a hipster becomes too mainstream.

  • Wooder

    So no cell phones, boil your water, no electricity, hand wash clothes, cut your grass with a sickle, no slow cookers, wood stoves for heating and cooking (better keep chopping wood forever), ice blocks for fridges (bet they cheat on this), no feminine hygiene products, no contraceptives (he must be too busy chopping wood to have sex)...

    This sounds like the first layer of hell...I think the Amish have it better!

  • Tigerh8r

    Kudos to her commitment, especially to the Victorian Era dental work.

  • Beanhimself

    Spoiler Alert! Its white people.

  • Bebop

    Hipster Level: Grand Master

  • The_Lady_in_the_Van


  • Ken

    Typhoid, smallpox, cholera, polio, syphilis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, arsenic, lead, raw sewage, rats, fleas, lice....
    Horrendous working conditions, Social inequity, racism, primitive dentistry....

  • kodama


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