Truck Attachment Safely Slides Construction Barrels Into Place

April 1, 2019

This is a probably too long promotional video of the Barrel Mover 5000, a truck attachment that can slide construction barrels from one lane to another without a worker on foot risking their life to do it (I assume it can also be used to initially deploy barrels placed from the back of a truck). Pretty clever. It almost looks like a game. Just not a very fun game unless you're playing on expert mode at 50+MPH.

Keep going for the whole video (while I speculate why 5000?), but the gif pretty much is all you need to see unless you're in the market for a barrel mover.

Thanks to Cliff S, who informed me tossing barrels off the back of a flatbed and watching a barrel mover 5000 push them into place has always been a dream of his.

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