The ShotsClub Glass Pistols Decanter Set

April 11, 2019


This is the ShotsClub Gun Decanters with Shot Glasses set. The $50 set (regularly $80 but apparently they aren't selling like the hotcakes they anticipated) includes two glass pistol shaped decanters, eight shot glasses, a bottle pouring spout, a belt holster that can hold both decanters and all shot glasses, and a metal carrying case. Man, how awesome is that? "Not very." No....but for $5 or $10 at a yard sale it would be hard to pass up. "Fact." *raising shot glass* Cheers. "You bought one!" Come on, I couldn't wait for a yard sale to feel this cool.

Keep going for a couple more shots including one of a dude rocking the holster like a true booze-fueled cowboy.



Thanks to Jacob H, who agrees there's also nothing wrong with a Colt 45 in a paper bag.

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