The Create Your Own Super Mario Bros Level Refrigerator Magnets

April 4, 2019


These are the Paladone Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets available on Amazons. $8 gets you a set of 80 magnets including Mario and Luigi in various poses, power-ups, some Goombas and Koopa Troopas (and shells), pipes and Piranha Plants, coins, question blocks, and some ground and trees and clouds. You know I'm half tempted to email Paladone and convince them to make Metroid and Castlevania and Mega Man and Zelda sets too. How sweet would that be? I don't even own any refrigerator magnets right now, I just tack up all my overdue utility bills and suspension notices with-- "Is that gum?" Yeah....I gave up on getting any of my security deposit back a long time ago. "Was that before or after cutting the hole in your bedroom floor to install the fireman's pole?" Oh man, WELL before that.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees the worst fridge magnets are the ones given to you by friends after coming back from vacation just to make you jealous. Cool Mark, you went to Cancun, congratulations.

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