The Charmin Forever Roll, Giant Toilet Paper Rolls For Home Use

April 12, 2019


This is the Charmin Forever Roll, a massive roll of Charmin's Ultra Soft two-ply toilet paper designed for people who want to let guests know they take wiping their asses seriously. The TP comes in multi-user (12-inch diameter) and single-user (8.7-inch diameter) sizes, and a multi-user roll contains 1,700 sheets for a total of 185-square feet of wiping real estate, or about six to eight times a double roll. A starter kit with either a floor stand or wall-mounted holder and three rolls costs $30. A three-pack of replacement rolls costs $10. Is that a good deal? No clue, I steal the cheap, industrial toilet paper rolls from the office restrooms every Friday like a normal person who doesn't care if their ass bleeds because it never gets a break from glorified newsprint.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I tell a coworker I could wipe my way through one of these rolls in two bad days, easy.



Thanks to Dave L, who informed me he prefers a bidet. I've never tried one, but I did use my roommate's Waterpik once!

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