Tesla Model S Explodes Into Flames In Shanghai Parking Garage

April 24, 2019


This is a video news report including some security cam footage from a Shanghai parking garage of a first generation Tesla Model S that, having presumably grown tired of the electric car life, decides to do a little *slipping on cool guy shades* internal combustion of its own. And external combustion. It, uh, it burns to a crisp, and Tesla has stated they're now investigating the incident. See? This is exactly why I don't feel safe keeping my cell phone in my pocket. They tell you they're safe -- but you never know. Plus, okay, I did build the phone myself MacGyver style out of a Power Wheels battery and scrap metal. "How does that even fit in a pocket?" Ha, because of my penis? SNUGLY.

Keep going for the news report, as well as a video of just the explosion filmed off a computer monitor (skip to 1:20 for the action).

Thanks to MSA, who agrees flaming vehicles should be strictly reserved for stunt shows.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Okay... a couple of jokes:

    It's okay. It's just the cold-gas thrusters warming up.

    It's actually a SpaceX Model S experiencing rapid unplanned disassembly on the launch pad.

    Youxia X is an external combustion electric hybrid.

  • Deksam

    Lithium ion batteries do burst into intense molten hot flame when any air gets into them.

  • lushkneebumbuild

    first gen electric cars (and hybrids) used to do that all the time, they just covered it up so you'd never hear about it.
    also nonstandardized wiring(from one make/model to the next, not within the type of car) made rescue crews hesitant to use jaws of life on them. bad combination.

    (in fact iirc they still burn more often than gas cars after a crash(gas is pretty hard to make explode irl vs in movies, the kind of battery they used not so much), but at least they don't generally spontaneously combust anymore, and i have no idea whether that power conduit thing was ever fixed, but since half of them seem to be built on the same chasis anyway i'd hope it was)

  • GeneralDisorder

    Okay... I believe you are incorrect. Let me explain.

    There's roughly 1 electric vehicle for every 250 internal-combustion vehicles. Car fires are so common that the majority of them don't get any press attention. But... a Johnny-Come-Lately manufacturer trying to make a name for themselves is gonna get slammed so hard by the big 3 whenever anything bad happens that it's gonna seem like car fires never happen in IC comparatively.

    As for battery fires, the Tesla packs are 18650 cells bundled into large 480 Volt packages. It's extremely unlikely for the whole pack to burn. It's also a water-cooled battery I believe. So... it's about as likely for the battery pack to burn as it is for any battery. Like, say... laptop batteries, tool batteries, dildo batteries, etc.

    As for the jaws of life, every federally approved vehicle manufactured has to write up a first responders manual. There's no guarantee that first responders are going to be able memorize every single first responder manual but in general the Tesla Model S is not particularly different from most newer cars (basically everything with side-curtain airbags you can't cut the roof off like what used to be the standard procedure).

    Also notable, every electric vehicle has a blaze orange "pull to deactivate" plug that's somewhere that breaks connections within the battery pack (so a 480V pack becomes independent 24 V packs or something like that).

  • Ivanna Pewpalott

    thats just the Keep Summer Safe mode

  • Bling Nye

    "skip to 1:20" and the video is only 1:38... WTF.

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