Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker Gets First Trailer

April 12, 2019

This is the just-released at Star Wars Celebration Chicago trailer for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker. I took the time to analyze the trailer meticulously frame-by-frame and caught some very subtle hints as to what's going to happen in the movie. Namely, that BB-8 finally makes friends with the Pixar lamp, Lando Calrissian returns to pilot the Millennium Falcon (unfortunately sans Colt 45 product placement like I suggested), and there's a Death Star crashed in an ocean somewhere. Also that I'm the world's greatest detective and if sleuthing skills were directly proportional to penis size the Rebels wouldn't have even needed a thermal exhaust port or ion torpedoes to take out the Death Star, only a phone call.

Keep going for the trailer.

Thanks to Randall, who was the first to send the tip and will be the only one receiving credit for it. You have to be quick with your buzzers.

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