'RIP Harambe', A Rap Song Released By Elon Musk

April 2, 2019


Because the world stopped making sense the moment you were old enough to understand it, this is Elon Musk's 'RIP Harambe', a rap ode to the gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo. Musk released the track on Soundcloud and Youtube on March 31st which I assume was for April Fools', because it isn't very good. As a matter of fact it isn't any good. And that autotuning, dear God. You can't polish a turd -- that's what my grandpa always used to say before handing me a sheet of 800-grit sandpaper and demanding I reach into the litter box and try anyways.

Keep going for the Soundcloud and official Youtube lyrics video.

Thanks again to K Diddie, who agrees these are truly dark times we're living in.

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