Realistically Rendered Images Of Children's Drawings Of Their Ideal Bedrooms

April 19, 2019


This is a small series of CGI renderings based on the drawings of seven children from around the world who were asked to imagine their ideal bedroom. The project was commissioned by Angie's List, and executed by creative firm NeoMam Studios. Some more info while I imagine my ideal bedroom, which is nothing like the mattress I have on the floor now. I use a snowy television screen for a lamp:

The goal of the project was to bring a new source of home design inspiration by looking through the eyes of a child. By the time we reach adulthood we have a fixed idea of what a bedroom should look like and exactly what is and isn't available in our local IKEA. This project tears up the rulebook of bedroom design - and it's clear that we can all learn a thing or two from the creativity and naivety of children.

To create this project, the research team briefed the above 7 children to doodle their "dream bedroom" and asked their parents to conduct a short Q&A with them to get an insight into their lives and interests. The project then moved onto design with the help of interior designer and CG artist Andrey Barinov who collaborated with managing editor Jonny Addy and art director Povilas Daknys to create the realistic digital designs you see today.

I wish I had the money to build and decorate the bedroom of my dreams. But nooooooooo, that shit's expensive and I'm poor. Plus, you know, my parents already expressed they don't want me staying here any longer than summer 2017 at the absolutely latest.

Keep going for six more, including wild-ass Harry's.







Thanks to becca b, who informed me she's cool with a hammock on the beach. I am also cool with that.

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