Real Products That Exist: The Cheeseburger Wallet

April 11, 2019


This is the Deliciousness Burger Wallet available from Toddland. The $30 printed polyurethane wallet looks like a cheeseburger, and even has a little foam padding in the bun to give it some depth. But don't worry, because "when you put it in your pocket the foam will smash down so it's totally workable." Well that's a relief, but I don't even carry a wallet. "Because you lost it?" My whole life was in that thing! FUN FACT: One night I thought I'd lost my wallet at a bar until I realized I'd just jammed it between my butt cheek and underwear trying to put it away. "You need help." I don't need help, I need someone to do it all for me.

Keep going for a couple more product shots while I ask Jimmy Buffet what he thinks of it.



Thanks to Robbie, who's holding out for a club sandwich wallet. Mmmm, nice choice.

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