Real Products That Exist: Realistic Bacon Strip Band-Aids

April 15, 2019


These are the Bacon Bandages from Archie McPhee. Each $6 tin contains fifteen 3-inch by 1-inch bandages printed and cut to look like bacon strips. Plus each pack comes with a free prize! Presumably something to accidentally cut yourself with. Still, as tipster K Diddie pointed out, they really missed the opportunity to make these scratch-n-sniff bandages in order to attract animals and add a little *Italian chef kiss* to picking and eating your scabs.

Keep going for a shot of an amateur forearm model rocking a bacon bandage.


Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees scabs marinated with Neosporin are the best and I think I've just made myself have to puke now.

  • Faith

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  • Deksam

    At least now islam wont mess with my wounds.

  • Douchy McDouche

    The free prize is an actual piece of bacon.

  • ChungLingSoo

    They need to make them look like big bugs. Then people will smack you because they think a roach is crawling on you. Or make them look like horrendous scabs. Then you can say this is what it would've looked like if I hadn't put a bandage on it.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Bacon looks somewhat like a scab.

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