Problem Solving: Guy Creates Makeshift Treadmill With Soap And Water

April 4, 2019

This is a video of a man (who I assume is a personal trainer) clearly itching for some cardio, but, with no electric treadmill and presumably a blizzard outside, makes his own makeshift treadmill by adding a little powdered soap and water to a tile floor. Just make sure you have a solid grip on something when you're running or you are going to bite that soapy tile with your pearly whites. So, yeah, between this for cardio and bodyweight exercises for strength training, you really have no excuse not to start a basic workout program besides being tired and lazy, which, for the record are valid excuses and I don't care what my doctor says. You know what I told him? I told him I'll start running when he starts seeing me at my scheduled appointment time. I felt pretty good about that one, but not so deep down I knew my future health problems aren't going to be prevented with sass alone.

Keep going for the whole video, and please, make sure there's a friend or family member nearby to drive you to the hospital if you try this.

Thanks to DT, who agrees it is going to be significantly harder to work out with a broken hip after slipping and falling doing this.

  • ian

    what about that spider on the wall by the bucket? what's going on with that?

  • CDW in PC

    You noticed it too, huh?

  • Douchy McDouche

    I'd like to see how he'll solve the problem of having a shattered jaw.

  • Tigerh8r

    We have hardwood floors in the kitchen and I put on clean socks and do the same thing at our sink. It makes my wife nuts. We have a treadmill. :P

  • could, perhaps, go for a fucking walk?
    This planet needs an enema... ;-)
    Edit: Not that I'm promoting physical fitness...everyone should feel free to eat themselves into a pizza-bagel & cheeto-induced coma and leave the planet to all the little animals, like Mother Earth intended.

  • Wooder

    I don't think he has any front teeth from doing this...

    I say make it fun for the viewer and put thumbtacks around his running area, so when he falls we all get a laugh. We can bet on which color tack sticks in him.

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