Pranksters Cover MIT's Great Dome With Giant Captain America Shield To Celebrate Latest Avengers Movie

April 30, 2019


This is some drone footage of MIT's Great Dome, which was recently covered with a giant fabric Captain America shield by pranksters to celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame. Some more info while I cover myself with Post-Its and pretend I'm an 8-bit video game character:

One of the jokesters -- they cheekily call themselves "hackers" -- reached by the Globe Sunday said dozens of people worked on the project for months, which they started planning about a year ago after learning a new Marvel movie was going to be released.

The hacker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the secretive nature of the pranks, said the current generation of MIT students grew up with the "Avengers" franchise, and that the shield was a symbol of their gratitude toward the series.

You know, I too played some pretty serious pranks when I was in college. Perhaps the biggest and best of all was the one I played on myself by not going to class and failing out senior year. Did you know they don't give your money back if you fail? *sadly glances at most recent student loan statement, which is somehow an even higher balance than it was ten years ago* I did not.

Keep going for a couple more pictures and a drone flyover video while I admire the ductwork on the roof of that other building.



Thanks to Irina A, for the surprisingly not cat related tip.

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