Okaaaay: A Video From The Annual Sasquatch Calling Festival In Whitehall, New York

April 19, 2019


This is a an ESPN E:60 video highlighting the participants of the annual Sasquatch Calling Festival that takes place every fall in the Adirondack mountain town of Whitehall, New York. Some of the competitors claim they've seen Sasquatch, others claim the've heard it, but none claim they've ever had sex with one. Except me, I've had sex with one, and it was a she. I mean not that I wouldn't have either way, because, come on, this is Sasquatch we're talking about. It's just like riding a bike -- you never know if you'll ever get another chance.

Keep going for the video, but if you just want to hear the calling it starts around 2:45. Also, I'm fairly certain most of these people were only scaring Sasquatch deeper into the woods.

Thanks to K Diddie, who would have won first, second AND third place in that competition because the man knows his Sasquatch calls. Plus I heard he can also summon Nessie by singing through a piece of submerged PVC pipe.

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