Oh Wow: A Taxidermy Mouse Chess Set

April 15, 2019


This is one of the made-to-order and completely customizable taxidermy mouse chess sets available from Etsy shop TheCurious13. The set includes all standard chess pieces in dead mouse form with one side of light colored mice, and the other darker. Plus a wooden M.C. Escher chess board. And all for only $750! Some more info while I pretend to eat a pawn to psyche out my opponent:

This delightfully deceased taxidermy chess set is sure to get peoples attention. Every mouse was a unique creature in life, making each piece of this set a one of kind creation. Hand stuffed by me, but created by the guy upstairs (or whoever you believe created mice).

The set includes 16 light colored mice and 16 dark mice, in various sizes, pawns being the smallest. Set comes complete with wooden handmade chess board, and storage boxes(not pictured). Customization is available for this set, both the costumes of the pieces and the colors and design of the board.

All specimens were acquired from a captive breeding facility that distributes frozen rodents for reptile feeding, so don't feel sad if these little guys were not battling it out on the chess board they would be deep in the belly of a snake.

*shrug* Hell if I know. But if anybody wants to start manufacturing roach chess sets, come and get 'em. I, uh, I have a lot of them in my apartment. All shapes and sizes and number of legs. No lie, I found a dead one the other day that apparently died trying to climb the laces to one of my roller skates that was the size of a Cadbury Creme Egg. Aaaaand now I'm gonna have a hard time eating the Cadbury Creme Eggs in my Easter basket this year. Why do I do this to myself? "You're a poor decision maker." I'm a broke decision maker.

UPDATE: Dammit, I thought this sounded familiar. "You suck, GW!" Don't I know it.

Keep going for a few more shots.






Thanks to Greg C, who agrees that's probably not what that mouse had in mind when it dreamed of being the mouse king.

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