Officially Licensed Jurassic World T-Rex Pool Float

April 11, 2019


This is the officially licensed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom T-Rex Pool Float. It costs $40, measures 70-inches from tip to tail and why did they bother paying for the licensing rights? How important is the Jurassic World name to selling dinosaur shaped pool floats? That said, does it have a hole in the bottom donut part or is it solid? Asking for-- "A friend who wants to have sex with one?" Yes, he's weird. "Sure you're not talking about yourself, GW?" Of course not. Besides, even if it does have a hole, it-- "Would be too large for even a thousand of your penises?" Probably more.

Keep going for a couple more product shots.



Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees surely they could have come up with a better design than that.

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