Notorious Low Bridge Claims Its Latest Truck Victim

April 5, 2019

This is a video of the notoriously low 11-foot 8-inch railroad bridge (aka 11foot8, aka Canopener Bridge) at Gregson and Main in Durham, North Carolina claiming its latest victim (#145 since April 2008), a tractor trailer that actually speeds up to beat the red light designed to make it stop and turn because it's been identified by the bridge's detection system as too tall to pass (hence the light changing and OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN light coming on). KE-RUNCH! Some more info while I'm just thankful I'm not as bad a day as this driver. At least not yet anyways:

In the evening hours of March 28, a semi truck hit the 11foot8 bridge in quite a spectacular fashion, at pretty high speed scattering debris across the intersection. Luckily no one was injured! The busted semi trailer was wedged under the trestle for over 90 Minutes before the recovery operators were able to winch it out of the canopener's "jaws" ... the beast has been fed! This was crash # 145 since April 2008 ... and probably the biggest mess we have seen here, yet.

Or, who knows, maybe the driver thought if he could just go fast enough the truck's shocks would compress another foot and a half and he could safely pass under. I've had dumber ideas before. *thinks really hard* Wait, maybe I haven't. *in disbelief* Today is a day for the record books! Mark it down -- February whatever today is, 2019. "It's April." Whatever, just get the balloons and cake on their way.

Keep going for the video, complete with multiple angles and aftermath.

Thanks to Marc B, who agrees there's a time and place for trying hard and believing in yourself, and trying to cram your semi under a low bridge isn't it.

  • Deksam

    The trailer to Deadpool 3???

  • lushkneebumbuild

    to be fair, that oversized truck light is dim as fuck, i didn't notice it until the article mentioned it was on.

    it looks less like it lit up and more like the sun just happened to shine on it

    but that's probably the low video quality

  • JJtoob

    You mean the "OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN" sign? Because there is a huge contrast from it being off and on.

  • jay scott

    He almost made it all the way, go faster next time! Seriously, Effin floor it!

  • Doog

    That's a brazenly stupid individual. Actually sped up as if the light warning them they were too tall only mattered if they saw it turn red.

    "No it was still yellow so I must be short enough!"

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