Nic Cage Belts Out An Angry 'Purple Rain' At Karaoke Bar Following Annulment Of 4-Day Marriage

April 25, 2019


This is not one but TWO videos (shot on different nights) of certified crazy person (and real National Treasure) Nicolas Cage belting out Prince's classic 'Purple Rain' at the same karaoke bar in Los Angeles's Koreatown following the annulment of his four-day long marriage. Come on, I've spent longer in the bathroom before! Some more info:

Nic got sick and tired of his new wife, Erika Koike and filed for an annulment. He says they were wasted when they tied the knot in Vegas, and acted on impulse. There were signs it wasn't going to end well ... they got into a heated argument before walking down the aisle.

Honestly, this is all less crazy than I expected from Nic Cage. I mean he's not even dressed up like Superman or trying to buy another pyramid tombstone. He must be getting soft in his old age. Did he not try mounting the HOLLYWOOD sign? Now I'm not even convinced this is really him.

Keep going for the videos, the second of which is classic, terrifying Cage. I'm surprised he's not a wrestler.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees being Nic Cage drunk is on a level all its own.

  • I mean... how surprised are we really?


    Considering his financial problems recently, it should have been, 'Purple Rage, Purple Rage.'

  • "Thank God Prince didn't have to hear that!"

    Thank God Prince is *dead* so he doesn't have to hear some bad karaoke? Where do you find these morons?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Why would someone be angry about anulling a marriage after 4 days? That seems like they both dodged comically large bullets like Bullet Bill from all the Mario games.

  • Gibran Malheiros

    Out of frustration, possibly... how do you find someone that doesn't fake liking you, just because of your money.

  • TJ Wilferd

    From what I've head over the last several years, Nick cage doesn't have all that much money anymore.

  • Jenness

    Who hasn't angrily sung karaoke after poor horrible life choices?

    I feel ya Nick, been just rage-aoke all you want mister!

    p.s. You're single now right? Because *wiggles brows* terrifying messes are kind of my "thing" LOL

  • The_Wretched

    Cage gets to be himself. And that's a very boring and wooden actor who has to take horrible parts since he's broke for buying strange or pointless things. Though, I do envy him owning a private island.

  • Everyone wants a private island until hurricane season comes.

  • Ivanna Pewpalott

    as cringy and vomit inducing as cage was belting that out its nothing compared to how cringy and vomit inducing tmz is

  • CMZ All scenes from Popstar

  • Megatron Jenkins


    Oof, ugh. Gods, you're right!

  • Draco Basileus

    ♫"Despite all his rage, he is still just Nicholas Cage."♫

  • sizzlepants

    Where's Jim Carrey when you need him?

  • Munihausen

    I love this guy.

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