Mesmerizing Contact Juggling With A Crystal Ball

April 18, 2019

This is a video from Kuma Films of Japanese contact juggler Masaki Hirano demonstrating his skills. Following that last post I feel like it's the perfect palate (read: eyeball) cleanser. After watching that video my eyeballs begged me for some eye candy to wash the taste out of their rods and cones. Well technically they demanded dual eyepatches, but I don't have any more eyepatches because the last time my ship was boarded and plundered the other pirates took everything. "Everything?" *struggling to hop around on one leg* Everything.

Keep going for the video and give your eyes a treat.

Thanks to carey, for the much needed respite from Sir Bugeyes.

  • Ava Hill

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  • You know the learning curve here had to involve a lot of quiet swearing and chasing that damn ball.
    I wonder if they make practice balls for this or if the guy just had to stack every pillow and blanket in his home underneath him to make sure he didn't break the crystal while he was learning to do this. Or would he just start with a tennis ball and work his way to heavier and more delicate crystal balls?

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  • The_Wretched

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  • Wooder

    He has a very intimate relationship with that ball...its disturbing how he keeps rubbing it.

  • The_Wretched

    Yeah, I was jealous of his ability to get dates too.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    It's 5 minutes of "I can hold this".

  • Bling Nye

    I've seen 5 minutes of "I can hold this" and it involved a lot more peepee dancing...

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Can you even imagine how much spider fingers this guy uses in his 'alone time'??

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