Limited Edition Game Of Thrones House Sigil OREOs

April 5, 2019


Note: A decent OREO recreation of the Game Of Thrones opener after the jump.

Because everybody and their brother wants to hitch their horse to the Game Of Thrones wagon, these are the limited edition Game Of Thrones house sigil OREOs. Each cookie comes with either the House Lannister, House Targaryen or House Stark sigil, or a Night King head. My girlfriend loves both Game Of Thrones and OREOs, so this is a dangerously delicious combination for my household. And by household I mean stronghold. That's right -- I am the true Lord Of The Seven Kingdoms, and possess the rightful ass to this Iron Throne! "You're writing from the toilet again, aren't you?" I'm not never not on the toilet, I have issues.

Keep going for the show's intro in OREO form.

Thanks to Davey W, who agrees a couple packages of these and I'll be a dead ringer for Samwell Tarly when he first comes to join the Night's Watch.

  • Jenness

    OK so I actually called Oreo, & Mondelez (got transferred to the consumer line) & no one knows jack shit. On Twitter Oreo is telling a bunch of thirsty people to just keep checking their local store or call them and ask them to stock it. Like WTF has time for that? Oreo on Amazon has these but you can't buy them. Not available yet BUT this one place will sell you some for $113.00 - that is not Oreo.

    Man, I sure do know how to be busy fucking off to buy these stupid cookies - and it's not even for me - it's for this hot dude I know likes them. But damn he's so hot. I feel like I get more stupid the more I look at him.

  • Jenness

    How do we buy these though?

  • Munihausen

    Great job, Nabisco.

  • iRawr

    I really don't see what the obsession with GoT is...

  • Douchy McDouche

    Look for them on eBay at $1000 a pop.

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