Life Hacks: Woman Cleverly Uses IKEA Bag To Be Able To Use Restroom In Wedding Dress

April 12, 2019


These are a few shots of the hack developed by recent bride Tina to be able to use the restroom in a wedding dress without worrying about peeing on it or needing a couple bridesmaids to hold it up. Basically you cut a hole in the bottom of an IKEA bag (not the whole thing, just enough for your legs to comfortably fit through really), then, when nature calls, step into the bag and pull it up (which will pull your dress up along with it), secure the handles over your shoulders, and enjoy the first pee of married life because, SPOILER: it's all peeing with the door wide open while you continue a conversation with your significant other from now on.

Keep going for a couple more shots in case your'e struggling to conceptualize the process.



Thanks to Wendy H, who had me believing this hack involved peeing in the IKEA bag at first.

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