'Joker' Movie With Joaquin Phoenix Gets A Trailer

April 3, 2019


First released at CinemaCon in Las Vegas over the weekend, this is the first trailer for the upcoming DC 'Joker' movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. I watched the whole thing on my commute to work this morning (it's cool I was riding an electric scooter) and I have to admit, just like eyeing the donuts behind the glass at Jerry's Donut Hole and spotting a jelly-filled with a solid dollop of raspberry oozing out of the injection site, it looks promising. Let's just hope this donut is properly filled and the visible jelly isn't all it had to offer. "Well -- how was that donut, GW?" I went with a half dozen glazed, couldn't risk it.

Keep going for the trailer.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, none of whom offered to take me opening weekend and buy me candy and a soda. That was your bad.

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