Incoming!: Shooting A Fridge Full Of Four Pounds Of Tannerite And A Gallon Of Gasoline

April 23, 2019


Because some people still know how to spend a weekend, this is a video of some West Virginians shooting a broken fridge that they filled with four pounds of tannerite and a gallon of gasoline. The explosion causes the fridge door to rip off the hinges and come right at them. How exhilarating.

"It all started at my friend Luke's parent's house in Scott Depot. We bought 4 lbs of tannerite and pondered on what to do with it. We had an old broken refrigerator and decided to put the 4 lbs of tannerite inside the fridge and also fill the fridge with about a gallon of gasoline, then I shot the fridge. When the tannerite exploded the fridge door began to fly toward us. It landed right in between my buddy's parents house and their boat. We all went crazy and immediately realized how lucky we were that it didn't hit anything or anyone."

Yeah, you are lucky. But mostly because you have parents that let you blow things up for fun. My mom catches me with a backpack full of fireworks and lighter fluid and I'm getting grounded. Possibly forever, but at least through my next birthday so they save on presents.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees when in doubt, make it go boom.

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