I Am Into This: Bonfire Ignition Via Firework Powered Beer Bottle Zipline

April 25, 2019

This is a video of some bonfire aficionados lighting a blaze with a firework powered beer bottle on a zipline. Plus, I'm assuming based on all that black smoke, a fair amount of gasoline. *inhaling deeply* God, I can almost smell it from here, and you know how I feel about gasoline. "You would drink it if you could." AND HAVE. "What was it like?" INTENSE. "Like?" Okay okay -- have you ever made love to a race car?

Keep going for the video, which is much more glorious than the gif.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees the best fires of all aren't started with fireworks, but the sparks between two lovers. Hubba hubba!

  • sizzlepants

    Take note Fridge Bros.... this is how you do fire.

  • Saundra

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  • Octo

    Looks like a failed video embed, or is it just me?

  • Beard

    It's a vertically oriented Facebook video. To watch: click on it, and then hit the full screen button.

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