Houston, We Have A Problem: Kid's Baby Tooth Pull Via Model Rocket Fail

April 19, 2019


This is a video of young Riley attempting to have one of her very front baby teeth pulled via a model rocket launch. It doesn't work, allegedly because the string made the rocket fly into the tree. Come on, even those boneheads at NASA know not to launch rockets so close to trees. "What do you have against NASA?" Oh I'm sorry, you must have thought I was writing this from my moon base. Personally, I just don't think that tooth was ready to go. Reminds me of the first time I tried pulling a tooth that wasn't ready to come out. "Let me guess, it was a wisdom tooth." It was a wisd-- haha, you know me all too well. Thankfully I was finally able to chisel most of it out with six margaritas and a butter knife.

Keep going for this video (but skip to 1:00), as well as a successful pull with a toy bow and arrow fired by Riley's brother Roman.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees when it doubt, tie it to a rocket and start the countdown.

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