Game Of Thrones Clips Edited Together So The Characters Sing 'Ice Ice Baby'

April 30, 2019


Because this is the internet and people here aren't afraid to make their dreams a reality (or start a flame war on Facebook), this is a video of Game Of Thrones clips edited together so the characters sing a minute of Vanilla Ice's very appropriate 'Ice Ice Baby', which I'm genuinely surprised they've never included in the show. Granted they're not actually singing the exact words to the song the whole time, but what they do say sounds close enough. TRUE FACT: When 'Ice Ice Baby' first came out the girl who sat in front of me in Mr. Besser's class turned around before the period started and asked if I'd ever heard of Vanilla Ice before and I told her who hadn't, everyone loves ice cream. Looking back, that may have actually have been the roller coaster peak of my life.

Keep going for the video, it's worth a watch.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, not to be confused with Joffrey B, who was a complete and utter turd king.

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