Finally, An All-In-One Pet Shower, Shampoo And Blow-Dry Unit

April 25, 2019


Dogs: they like smelling like the outside and, if you're my dog, rolling in dead bugs and mysterious fecal matter. Enter the prototype Pet Styler from South Korean industrial designer firm S2 VICTOR. The unit is allegedly capable of showering, shampooing and blow-drying your pet all with the push of buttons. No more physical contact necessary! Just listening to your pet's constant whining and seeing their sad, puppy dog eyes through the glass door as they get half-ass bathed and blown dry. Can you tell I'm an investor?

The auto-latching door prevents water and soap from escaping, yet easily overrides in order to manual to ensure the animal's safety at all times. Once the showering process is complete, nice warm air is blown to dry the pet's fur in a quick and thorough manner.

I don't know, I feel like as far as jobs for machines go, I'm not sure pet washing and drying should be one of them. I'm just don't think we're there yet, or if we'll ever get there. I mean there's no way that thing is gonna do a very thorough job (read: shampoo entire dog, not get in eyes, express anal glands) and I guarantee one trip through this thing and your pet is never gonna go near it again, and quite probably try attacking it whenever you leave the house. 1/5 bottles of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and a large plastic cup in the bathtub.

Keep going for a handful more shots of not the future of pet grooming.





Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees there's no purpose for this if you can't fit an adult in it.

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