During Interview After Win, Collegiate Fortnite Champions Admit They Don't Like The Game Anymore

April 30, 2019


This is a video of University Of Georgia competitive gaming team Jack Stuttard and Ibrahim Diaz being interviewed after winning the recent Collegiate Starleague (CSL) Fortnite championship in Atlantic City, and admitting they're not really into the game anymore. I've transcribed the interview below for those of you can't watch videos at work because I just want you to like me, even though I know you're way out of your league. "What league are you in, GW?" Twenty thousand under the sea:

Interviewer: Final question -- what's next for this duo? Another season, more tournaments, the online circuit? How's it going?
Jack: Honestly, we don't really like the game that much anymore. Uh, not gonna lie, so, we'll see what happens. Epic is kinda messing around a little bit with the way they're balancing everything so...
Interviewer: I'm pulling the plug on that one. [To Ibrahim] Give us a better answer here.
Ibrahim: We'll, we've decided we don't want to play like, competitive Fortnite anymore, so we're gonna move on to different games, or just probably like, do different stuff.

Ahahahhaha, "I'm pulling the plug on that one." Man, I'm going to start using that anytime anybody says something I don't want to hear. Sorry mom but I'm pulling the plug on that one, you will be driving me to the mall. And I want enough money for a corn dog and an Orange Julius. Get your purse, let's go. Haha, nice try, but I'm pulling the plug on that grounding as well.

Keep going for the video interview, complete with the interviewer making the neck cut gesture when Jack starts answering.

Thanks to Sam K, who informed me he's hard at work developing Nitefort game to cash in on Fortnite's popularity, which, based on the early beta I got to test, appears to just be Snake.

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