Dare To Dream: Guy Raps All 812 Pokemon Names

April 9, 2019


This is a video of Polygon producer Brian David Gilbert rapping all 812 Pokemon names at PAX East 2019. I felt like it starts off as just spoken word with musical accompaniment that eventually evolves (just like Pokemon!) into a song, but what do I know? I'm just a man who's been banned from every open mic in the city for being too professional to participate with a bunch of amateurs. "No, you threatened to stab anyone who didn't buy your CD." It's pure bangers! "And the one person that did buy one said it was just a blank disc." Okay now my mom would never say that.

Keep going for the song alone, as well as Brian's entire presentation if you're into this (the song starts around 24:20 in that one).

Thanks to Donald B, who informed me he has a hard enough time remembering his own pets' names? Right? I'm always calling somebody by somebody else's name.

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