Current Jeopardy! Contest Completely Destroys Previous Single-Day Winnings Totals

April 18, 2019


If you haven't been following the game, current Jeopardy! contestant and professional sports gambler James Holzhauer has been smoking his way through his competitors, accumulating a total of $697,787 in only ten days, and repeatedly setting the record for highest single-day winnings. He now has the top four spots at $131,127 (April 17th); $110,914 (April 9th); $106,181 (April 16th); and $89,158 (April 12th). Previously the record was $77,000 set by contestant Roger Craig in 2010, and prior to that the $75,000 set by Ken Jennings. He also holds the record for highest Daily Double wager ($25,000). Obviously, he's really smart, and he's not afraid to bet hard, which has been paying off. For reference, I answered two questions (technically questioned two answers) correctly on last night's game, one of which my girlfriend disqualified because I responded after the contestant's answer, which, yes, I did just quickly repeat after I heard it. *shrug* What can I say, my mind works at a turtle's pace. And not a Ninja Turtle either, like one of those super slow Galápagos turtles. "Those are tortoises." Of course being stupid doesn't help either. "You really aren't smarter than a 5th grader, are you, GW?" I'm not even smarter than a road grader.

Keep going for a quick highlight reel from last night's game, including James's new single-day total of $131,127.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees when you're playing a game with money that isn't yours unless you win, bet big.

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