Cool: Trippy Video Of Objects Being Dropped In Paint Filmed In Slow Motion, 360-Degrees

April 2, 2019

This is a video from the Macro Room of a variety of different objects being dropped into paint and paint pigment as a high speed camera rapidly spins around the table to capture all the action from 360 degrees. Pretty neat. Maybe not as neat as how babies are made, but that's a different video for a different day. Presumably a night when your significant other is out of town and you're feeling amorous. PROTIP: Treat yourself to a romantic dinner first.

Keep going for the video (i thought the plane at 2:25 was particularly cool looking) if you're into treating your eyes right. If you're into treating your eyes poorly, half a lemon and try to make lemonade in your eye sockets.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees all videos from now on should be available in 360-degree mode.

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