Clever: Wooden Chess Board Coat Racks

April 30, 2019


These are the wooden chess board coat racks (plus bonus shelf) made and sold by Esty seller CreativeHolz. The $140 - $160 chess racks are available in different woods and player positions (pictured are the 'Caro-Kann defense' and 'Italian Opening'), and each individual chess piece is individually screwed into the board for max strength. Do you play chess? I do occasionally, but only if my opponent agrees to play by house rules. "He claims his knights wear jetpacks and can move wherever they want." Fact. "Plus drop 2 x 2 bombs from the air every other turn." Also true. "And I still beat him." She's a cheater!

Keep going for a handful more shots.





Thanks to carey, who informed me she plans on making herself a Sorry! board game version.

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