A Rocket Powered Golf Club That Swings At 150MPH

April 2, 2019

This is a video of former NASA engineer Mark Rober and Smarter Every Day's Destin Sandlin adding two F size model rocket engines to a golf club to get it swinging at 150MPH. For reference, pro golfers swing at around 110MPH, so, just like Biff's hoverboard in Back To The Future II, this thing's got power. Now not to brag or anything, but I bet my golf swing could probably even top that. "Have you ever even swung a golf club, GW?" Only as a weapon.

Keep going for the video, which is all fails and fine-tuning until around 10:00, when the real fun begins (which thankfully does include Mark actually taking a swing with the rocket club).

Thanks to hairless and Philip F, who are surprised Rodney Dangerfield's character didn't have one of these in Caddyshack (although Jack Mason's character in Caddyshack 2 does have a 12 gauge driver).

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