You're Gonna Need A Bigger Bed: Shark Duvet And Pillow Cover Set

March 13, 2019


Similar in style to this previously posted astronaut duvet and pillow cover set comes this shark version from Snurk (twin $119, full/queen $149). If your aunt is babysitting you while your parents are out of town and she tucks you in just right it looks like your head is sticking out of a shark's mouth. If she tucks you in poorly (see above), possibly after a little too much wine, it may look like your feet are sticking out of a sharks mouth, or the shark could be sideways or upside down or even on the floor, who knows, how may boxes of wine was that anyways, Aunt Ashley?

Keep going for one more shot, and remember: you're never too old for a novelty bedding set, no matter what your girlfriend says as she's packing her bags and moving out.




Thanks to Caroline C, who agrees your choice of bedding is important to your quality of life, especially considering the average adult wishes they spent at least 12 hours a day in bed.

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