Yikes: Raised Phone Saves Man From Attacker's Arrow

March 15, 2019


These are a couple shots of the phone that saved an Australian man from being struck in the face by an arrow fired by an attacker on his property. Apparently he was raising the phone to take a photo of the man when it was hit. A police account of what happened while I my mind is blown that all those people who walk around with their noses always buried in the phones have actually been carrying shields:

About 9am (Wednesday 13 March 2019), a 43-year-old man drove into his driveway on Nimbin Road and got out of his car.

He noticed another man, who is known to him, standing outside his property allegedly armed with a bow and arrow.

The resident held up his mobile phone to take a photo of the armed man who then engaged the bow and was ready to fire.

It's alleged the man fired the arrow at the resident which pierced through the man's mobile phone causing the phone to hit him in the chin. It left a small laceration that didn't require medical treatment.

Officer's from Richmond Police District were called and arrested a 39-year-old man at the scene.

He was taken to Nimbin Police Station where he was charged with armed with intent to commit an indictable offence, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and malicious damage.

Man, he must have been holding onto that phone pretty tight. And what kind of screen protector is that, because I'm only buying that brand from now on. Still, no word if this would-be puncture wound victim was bitten and killed by a venomous snake later that same day, but I can only assume. Australia: it gets what it wants, and it wants you dead.

Thanks to Jacques, who agrees they should try to salvage the storage on that phone and see if it managed to capture a shot of the arrow coming right at it.

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  • sizzlepants

    I fear the post court follow-up will prove disappointing.

  • Gilbert

    Shooting a tipped arrow at someone's main body parts and you don't get an attempted murder charge out of it?

    What gives Australia? Already enough things trying to kill you there that you discount man's puny attempts?

  • Yea, how much harder does this guy need to try to murder to get charged with murder?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Man... Even the arrows are venomous in Australia.

  • Josip Grabić

    I'd change a refund on that screen protector. I thought it was design for these kind of impacts.

  • Eric Ord

    Guy is me
    Phone is the user base of the Geekologie message boards
    Arrow is all the bad stuff that happens in life

  • Wow... that one hits you in the feels.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I for one don't make a habit of being regularly penetrated... But I don't judge people who do.

  • The_Wretched

    I have no idea what eric said but regular penetration is part of a healthy life style for everyone.

  • Ivanna Pewpalott

    australia: if the animals dont kill you, the australians will

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