Woman Wins $150,000 After Buying 30 Pick-4 Lotto Tickets With The Same Numbers

March 13, 2019


Seen here at least $149,860 richer than I am, Deborah Brown of Richmond, Virginia poses with her oversized check for winning $5,000 apiece on thirty Pick-4 lotto tickets with the same number (1-0-3-1). Some more info while I daydream about holding one of those big checks one day, but without my name on it and wearing a Ninja Turtle mask so none of my friends or family know who I am:

Deborah Brown says she purchased 20 Pick 4 tickets with the numbers 1-0-3-1 after seeing those numbers "a couple of times during the day." She then bought 10 more because she was really feeling it.

Brown says she "nearly had a heart attack."

She's considering using the multiple prizes for home renovations.

The most I've ever won in the lotto is $415 for getting four out of five numbers right in a pick-5 game (five out of five would have won me $70,000). And let me tell you -- I was feeling pretty proud of myself that day. I mean, at least until I lost the ticket. *shrug* Fantasizing about how you're going to spend the money -- that's the real prize anyways, right? "Not really." *takes gulp of desk whiskey, almost throws up, sighs* No....

Thanks to Jorge, who agrees the first rule of winning the lottery is not talking about winning the lottery.

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