What Took So Long?: Elevators With Double-Tap To Cancel Floor Buttons

March 4, 2019

Because Otis could never quite get it right, these are a couple videos of new Mitsubishi elevators that have double-tap to cancel floor buttons. That way you can void all the unnecessary stops in the event you step into an elevator right after someone's shitty kid mashed all the buttons. "Are you that shitty little kid, GW?" You know I am, AND I set off a stink bomb. "You're the worst." Everyone hates me, my friends and family most of all.

Keep going for the videos (the second of which is entirely too long unless you have an elevator fetish), while I complain that elevator door close buttons don't operate nearly fast enough to prevent the person behind me from getting on.

Thanks to Ruby G, who agrees there needs to be a double-tap to cancel button for deciding and regretting to take the stairs.

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