What The?: Woman Speeding Down Highway On Sparking Rim

March 13, 2019

This is a short video of a woman who's been speeding down the highway "for over a mile" in a truck with no driver's side front tire, just a rim throwing sparks like this is some sort of high speed Fourth Of July parade. There's no way she can't know there's something wrong with her car, right? I mean look at the lean on that thing. And the sparks -- you'd have to be able to see those sparks in your side view mirror, not to mention the Godawful noise it must be making (the video doesn't have any sound). No, she's gotta be running from something -- and that something better be the Grim Reaper himself, even though if she keeps driving like this she's gonna find out he's already passed her and is waiting up ahead disguised as a light pole.

Keep going for the whole video (thankfully she finally does exit at the end) while I sell my car online and never leave the house again.

Thanks to Marc B, who I've noticed likes to send automotive tips. Are you a car guy? I bet you're a car guy!

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