Tropical Fish Dives Under The Sand Into Its Hidey Home

March 11, 2019

This is a short video from Cannes, France of a "sultan of the sands" fish diving under the sand into its secret abode. Some more info while I wish I had a secret abode and not just a pillow fort. Not that pillow forts aren't awesome, but it's hardly a secret right in the middle of the living room:

"During a snorkeling trip, we saw a sultan of the sand moving around the place he lives. We tried to film him when he went in and out by leaving a camera close to where we saw it."

Out of curiosity I actually tried to find some more information on sultan of the sands fish but I couldn't find any, leading me to believe this may be the only person who calls them that. Does anybody know what kind of fish that is? Asking for a friend who wants to impress a mermaid with his under the sea knowledge. Maybe he'll even get a kiss! "Are you talking about you, GW?" God no, I look like a sea turtle with ears, no mermaid is ever gonna kiss this beak.

Keep going for the whole video, which includes a little peekaboo at the end.

Thanks to becca b, who agrees when in doubt, hide.

  • I like the subtle scan before he dives in. "Doo doo-dah-doo, nothin' goin' on here, nothin' to see.... ZOOP!"

  • Wooder

    In the longer video, the husband dives home and wife's boyfriend comes out the backdoor just as fast. No need to pull up pants here.

  • Vincent

    "sultan of the sands" comes from its french name which has been literally translated. Its actual name is Xyrichtys novacula or Pearly Razorfish.

  • Wraith

    Part of the Wrasse family some of which sleep under the sand in a mucous cocoon

  • The_Wretched

    "Pearly razorfish" being French for "Sultan of the Sands"

  • Phonster

    Technically it should be translated to : poisson rasoir nacré

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