This Will End Well: Russian Arms Manufacturer Develops Flying Rifle Prototype

March 27, 2019

These are a couple demo videos of the flying rifle developed by Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Ante. It's a little radio controlled electric plane with a fuselage made of "an 'autoloading smooth-bore' Carbine Vepr-12 Hummer, a Kalashnikov machine gun-based weapon." Plus the wings can be removed so it can be fired like a regular rifle. There's actually some footage of the thing being flown around and shooting some balloons, and I for one would not have been caught anywhere near that demonstration. Mostly because I'm a ninja, but partly because I wouldn't have actually been anywhere near that demonstration.

Keep going for two videos, the first of which is the rifle in flight shooting down some balloons (at 0:30), the second of which is the gun being fired by hand.

Thanks to Chad M, who agrees this is probably not your best option for getting a stuck kite out of a tree.

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