The Chug N' Plug Beer Shotgunning Tool

March 26, 2019


In Spring Break news, this is the Chug N' Plug beer shotgunning tool from Greenlife Technologies. You just punch the sharp plastic point through a can of cheap domestic beer all the way to the hilt, AND LET THE PARTY BEGIN. The $5 plugs come in black, red, yellow, and green, and include a keychain and rubber cover so you don't accidentally puncture yourself when the device is not in use. "I veesh vey hadn't done vat." Dracula, ladies and gentlemen! He wants to chug n' plug you dry.

Keep going for a few more product shots while I contact the TSA to see where they stand on these.




Thanks to hairless, who agrees you don't need a tool to shotgun a beer, just a will to drink and no gag reflex.

  • Bling Nye

    I like how it's stuck in a fucking can of water. I wondered what beer it was but saw the nutrition label says 0 everything, so I had to look it up... turns out it's "Blue Can Water" ... https://images-na.ssl-image...


  • GeneralDisorder

    You gotta push your beer-chugging tool in a family friendly way. I bet their "dosi-dab" product is shown with powdered chewable vitamins in the ads...

  • GeneralDisorder

    You really shouldn't walk around showing off your bunghole to people. It's impolite to say the least.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Also known as Butt N' Plug in BDSM circles.

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