Table Tennis Player's 'Around The Net' Shot Reel

March 20, 2019

This is a video of table tennis player Adam Bobrow repeatedly demonstrating a tricky (and more importantly game-legal) around the net shot during a bunch of different matches. Some more info from Adam while I throw my paddle at my opponent just like how I've ended every game of ping pong I've ever played in my life:

From professionals (Chinese National Team member, Chen Ke and Uzbekistan National Team Member, Regina Kim), tooo college team players, coaches and local club players.... here are some around-the-net shots from challenge matches. Fun fact: when they are very low and bounce more than once... we call them "rollers" because they appear to roll.

Man, Adam does not disappoint when he tells you he's got a fun fact coming your way -- he delivers. If my fun facts were even half as fun I might actually write something I'm proud of for once. "Keep dreaming, GW." It's all I know.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees it might not be cheating, but it also might not be the best way to not get a paddling in the parking lot after a match.

  • Deksam
  • Bling Nye

    This guy has an even (in my opinion) more impressive video where he puts so much spin on the ball it bounces in the opposite direction from what the opponent's expecting. Both in that, and this, it appears his strategy is to hit it from below the level of the table so as to hide the motion and throw off the opponent.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I kinda feel like that shouldn't be legal.

  • Mark

    agreed....the game is played back and forth OVER the net.

  • ngoc

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