Strangely Satisfying: Watching A High-Pressure Carpet Cleaner Blast The Grime Out Of A Diner's Carpet

March 7, 2019

This is a video of a carpet cleaning professional demonstrating the incredible effectiveness of an "04 flow, 750PSI hooked up to the 370 with Prochem Power Burst with a (Prochem) Liquid Slurry rinse" does at absolutely blasting the disgusting greasy grime out of a diner's carpeting. Clearly this man knows his stuff, and if everybody was as good at their job as he and his equipment are, the world would operate like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately most people suck at their jobs. Case in point: whoever decided carpet was the right flooring for this diner in the first place.

Keep going for the video, it's satisfying. Right up there with a Snickers, but with 250 less calories.

Thanks to Joshua S, who agrees with a floor like that was prior to cleaning, deciding whether or not to adhere to the five-second rule is a life or death decision.

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