Smooth: Guy Knocks Over New TV Removing The Protective Tape From Top

March 12, 2019


Presumably to record the very satisfying protective tape removal for posterity ("I'll show this to my grandkids one day"), this is a short video of a guy removing the anti-scratch tape from the top of his new flatscreen television and yanking the whole damn thing onto the floor in the process. Admittedly, you probably shouldn't have been pulling the tape from three feet away like that, that was your bad. My bad? *smiling coyly* I have yet to make one. *tries to put on cool guy shades not realizing I'm already wearing another pair*"Have yet to make one, or have yet not to make one?" What you said.

Keep going for the clip while I speculate just how many videos this guy has on his phone of him popping bubble wrap.

Thanks to Craig NS, who agrees whoever this is needs their own unboxing Youtube channel.

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