Sharks All The Time: Monterey Bay Aquarium's Live Shark Cam

March 8, 2019


This is the Monterey Bay Aquarium's live shark cam. Some more info while I project the video on a wall in the conference room then stand in front of it and pretend I'm drowning. And my friends say I don't know how to have fun!:

Sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, spiny dogfish and the elusive Pacific angel shark all dwell in our Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit--like they do just beyond our walls in the cold waters of the bay. Designed with sharks in mind, this exhibit's 90-foot-long hourglass shape gives our big sharks plenty of room to glide and turn.

Watch carefully and you might see big skates and bat rays pass by the window, just like their shark kin. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for sturgeon coasting through the water, rockfish and giant sea bass relaxing by the reef, and flatfish nestling on the sandy seafloor.

Admittedly, I just watched the feed for about ten minutes and it was nice and relaxing. Still, they should really post their sharks' feeding schedule because it would be nice to know when they throw the people in. "They don't throw people in." LAME.

Keep going for the feed in case you really wanted to watch the sharks from the safety of Geekologie (don't worry, I'll protect you).

Thanks to hairless, who agrees sharks are nature's way of constantly reminding us that we're not merpeople.

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