Real Products That Exist: Shiba Inu Dog Head Marshmallows

March 11, 2019


These are Shiba Inu head shaped marshmallows, each printed with a happy dog face. They're real chocolate bean paste filled products available for purchase from Japanese retailer Felissimo, and cost 1,200 yen (~$11) for a box of nine individually wrapped dog treats. So, if you were looking for an opportunity to spend more than $1 for a marshmallow, this is your chance. If you were looking for the opportunity to spend more than $10 for a marshmallow, talk to me. "This is a rolled up ankle sock." No, it's a $10 marshmallow. "It has a Nike swoosh on it." That's what makes it so valuable, now do you want the marshmallow or not my toes are getting cold.

Keep going for a closeup of a good boy getting some squishies.


Thanks to Alan, who can't believe there isn't a cat version already.

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